Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reflection on Chapter 13

Chapter 13 was a little boring, but I know it is very important for us to all know about copyrights, fair practice, and privacy. It is also important to teach the students about these things.
Ethan Zuckerman's Ted Talk was OK. It wasn't one of my favorites. I think he does say some good things about global communication. I think we should be thinking globally and not just about us. I have to admit, I don't take the time to be informed about what is going on in the rest of the world.
I do not like the idea of the Khan Academy. I think people, especially children, need direct instruction. I know I learn better with direct instruction.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reflection on Chapter 12

I agree with Mr. C that distance learning lacks emotional support. I learn better with visual and auditory input. I did not enjoy my classes I took online as well as the classes I have taken in a classroom. I really like the discussions we have in our Tech. class. I like the give and take.
The "School Sucks" video was very intriguing, yet controversial. Since I already work in the school system I agree with some of the things he said, but I disagree about teachers not needing certification. I think there should still be guidelines for what a person must have before they can become a teacher.
I thought our powerpoints were all great. I was surprised with how different everyones powerpoint turned out. I appreciated the feedback. They were not as hard as I thought they would be, but they were a little frustrating.