Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reflection on Skype with Mrs. Mimi

I really enjoyed our Skype with Mrs. Mimi. She is passionate and energetic. I am currently working in the school as a teachers aide and I agree with most of what she says. I work in the Special Ed. room and we do not use technology very much. Sometimes we don't use the Smart board all week and when we do use the Smart board it is usually to show multiplication videos to the students. We have been using School House Rock. The kids really like it. I agree with Mrs. Mimi when she says teachers have so much to do all day that it is hard to find time to learn how to integrate technology into your lesson plans. I think a teacher has to have a great interest or passion in technology to make the time to learn new how to use it more. Otherwise it is so overwhelming that they don't know where to start. That is actually were I fit in, but I think this class is really going to help with that. I am doing more on the computer now than I ever did. I am excited to learn as much as I can.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reflections on Chapter 9 and blogs

Chapter 8 was a little boring. Although, I did like how helpful the Academic Software Evaluation Rubic was with evaluating Poptropica. I had heard about most of the other systems and software except for authoring systems.
The first blog I liked was Mrs. Busha's class blog. She is a kindergarten teacher and her blog was very interactive. I'm sure even her students can navigate it. It was so darn cute too because it was all pink. My favorite color. The second blog was Comments4kids. This a great blog because it gives kids feedback, constructive criticism, and helps them learn about technology. The third blog was P5c Class Blog 2010/2011. They are doing a class Comic Project. The blog told about how the kids were doing their project and how they were sharing with each other. It was a nice blog. I commented on this blog and said I liked the idea of a comic project. It is very creative and will help encourage the kids to write. The fourth blog was BBC Learning  Scotland. They display their latest developments, production tales, and things they are learning in and out of school. They are doing an Olympic Dreams School Search; which is a project in the run-up to the London Olympics. The blog was easy to navigate and had some very interesting links. The fifth blog was The Greatest Middle School Social Studies Blog in the World. It has weekly post and weekly challenges. The blog was great and I think it was my favorite. I think my daughter would really like something like that for school. It was very user friendly and also had blog assignments for the kids.
This week was busy and hectic. I waited till the last moment to do my blog and that was not a good thing for me. I am usually more organized. I am very glad we get two days off school this week. I need it!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reflection on Chapter 7

Chapter 7 was a little boring. As you said, most of us currently use a lot of the applications disscussed in the chapter.
I use Microsoft Office to type my papers for my college classes and to make fliers for my Support Group. I also use Microsoft money for my checkbook. I learned how to use Google Presentations this past week. The presentation I did was my very first power point. I think it turned out pretty good. I should have used short phrases instead of paragraphs.
I liked the video "Sharing: The Moral Imperative". I plan to share the video with my principal. I was impressed with how wide the information was shared. I agree that we should share information on what works and doesn't work. I currently share information in my Support Group with other parents.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Reflection on "Once Upon a School"

I really liked the Ted Talk "Once Upon a School". I thought Dave Eggers was nervous but, he did a good job presenting the material. He was passionate about what he was saying and that made everything else alright.
The way the writers and editors created the "stores" to tutor children is an amazing idea. I especially was impressed with their ability to get so many volunteers so that they could tutor the children one on one.
I don't think this concept would work around here. I'm not sure we could get volunteers to help the children. I think it would be wonderful for the kids.
I also liked how Dave Eggers challenged everyone to get involved with their local schools. I think it would be wonderful if we could make this happen.